“First time we did a larger family vacation with us as grandparents. We got the master bedroom which was wonderful – particularly the bathroom with the hot tub open to the outdoors. OK, we shared it with the kids and grandkids. The house is a fabulous property with the sunsets providing a different show every evening. Monkeys and iguanas and macaws daily. Jota, our concierge was lovely and helpful. Hi wife Katia and Carmen took care of the cooking and clean up and we got laundry done daily! That was a vacation. we probably ate 50 lbs of guac. We were 10 which was perfect for the location. we could have managed another 2 people in the one bedroom we didn’t use but more than that would be crowded sleeping wise. The hike to the beach is a little treacherous – very steep and rocky and I wouldn’t recommend it for young kids or older folks. However 4 of us adults (and one 11 year old) did it twice and it was spectacular. Would go back tomorrow.”

Kathy A. January, 2017