Manuel Antonio & Manuel Antonio National Park

manuel-antonio-national-parkManuel Antonio National Park offers in a relatively small area (1,688 acres) an incredible range of topography, including rocky headlands, inland rainforest, and romantic white sand beaches and coves. The number of visitors to the park is limited, but there is usually no problem in the early morning, midweek, or during the off-season. There are several trails that wind through the various parts of the Park and a number of different beaches along the coastline within the Park. Nature guides are available and good ones are helpful in spotting some of the more camouflaged wildlife.

There are more than 100 species of animals in the Park, including an abundance of white faced capuchin monkeys, and a lesser number of howler and squirrel monkeys. The three- toed sloth can often be spotted in the trees and agoutis, peccaries and armadillos are also seen frequently, as are iguanas, lizards and a variety of snakes. There are reportedly 350 varieties of birds in the Park alone, as well as many butterflies, including the famous Blue Morpho. (we usually see Blue Morphos on the walk to our own beach, Playa La Macha.) An evergreen littoral forest is just inland from the beaches with an abundance of vegetation, including tree orchids.