queposQuepos was formerly a quiet fishing village whose only other major industry was a now defunct United Fruit banana exporting operation. Now, however, Quepos is a bustling town serving tourists and a growing number of expatriate residents, as well as the local populace.

Quepos is the gateway to Manuel Antonio National Park and, as such, is equipped to supply many of the needs of international tourists, including ATM machines that allow cash withdrawals in colones, the local currency (named after Christopher Columbus).

Local stores offer an astonishing variety of tropical fruits, fresh-caught fish, and other foodstuffs. Dozens of restaurants offer a surprising range of ethnic choices. For example, a thriving community of Italian emigres has resulted in the presence of several superb Italian restaurants (and even a great gelato place!). Native Costa Rican cuisine, which is more akin to Caribbean than Mexican cooking, is offered at several fine restaurants. Our restaurant suggestions are included in our personal guide for our guests.

Handmade clothes and other crafts and arts are available in the town. Evening entertainment ranges from discos to American movies that are shown every night in the 46- seat theatre of a local upscale hotel. Nevertheless, many guests feel that the most exciting evening entertainment is watching the sunset from Villa La Macha.

One of our favorite Quepos junkets is a morning visit to Cafe Milagro, which roasts mountain-grown Costa Rica arabica beans on the premises and prepares great lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, iced lattes and iced mochas. Fresh carrot cake, bran muffins, banana muffins, and bagels are offered to accompany your morning coffee. Some people have said that Cafe Milagro’s coffee is the best they have had anywhere in the world. English language and international newspapers and magazines are available with a one–day delay. You will never miss Starbucks while you are at Villa La Macha.