A rental at Villa La Macha includes the services of our attentive staff. Let us attend to the details of meal prep and hosekeeping while you relax and enjoy Costa Rica and Villa La Macha.

Our full-service staff will take care of any needs you have. House and garden are always kept in perfect condition. We can do your shopping, show you around, and arrange tours and transportation. Our chef and housekeeper will clean your rooms, do laundry, change your sheets, and prepare and cook delicious meals. Our staff truly takes pride in making your vacation a memorable experience, as you can gather from some typical guest comments below.

Childcare, massage, private language classes, private tours and other services and activities can be arranged at reasonable prices by Jota.


“Cecilia and Jota were excellent. Any request we had they met with a smile and in no time at all it was granted.”
M.E.Mc. New York, New York

“We extend the deepest appreciation for Jota and Cecilia. I cannot fully explain how valuable they were to us and Villa La Macha as a whole. Jota and Cecilia deserve great recognition for the relentless labors and undying desire to please us while we resided there. There was never a moment of doubt about their abilities and we embraced them whole-heartedly for their persona and efforts. We are forever appreciative of their efforts, as it freed us to more fully enjoy our time of leisure and the pursuit of pleasure.”
J.V. Providence, Rhode Island

“We adored Cecelia and Jota. You are so lucky to have them. Cecelia does the work of 3 people; I don’t know how she does it. They both obviously love your children (Ceci brought the picture of your kids and we put it on the fridge). They were so good with and to Billy and he kept asking for them after we left.”
D.M., Reno, Nevada

“You have found two of the nicest, most caring, and fun employees to run your home and help your guests. Jota could not have been more fun! My brother and I became very good friends with him during the week. He was so attentive to all of our needs. I think he was worried about my mother and me when my brother and father left us to go fishing. He made sure we had something fun to do the whole time they were gone. It was so funny! Cecilia is wonderful as well. She cooks the best food. I have never seen so many leftovers, though. We felt horrible about leaving so much food in the refrigerator. She became my Spanish tutor for the week. I think my Spanish improved about 75% because of her sitting with me each morning over coffee. My brother and I both got invitations from Cecilia and Jota to return to Quepos and stay with their families so that we could attend school. Those two were one of the main highlights of our trip, although I think the monkeys were number one in my mother’s book!!”
L.W. Charleston, South Carolina

“Excellent!!!!! Both Jota and Cecelia were extremely nice and helpful. We loved the meals that Cecelia prepared for us. Can’t say enough about how helpful and kind they were – you are very lucky to have them working for you.”
D. G. Portland, Oregon

“Cecelia and Jota were so accommodating – they took really good care of us and we were very pampered.  Cecelia is such a great cook, and even with our limited Spanish we were able to communicate very well -once in awhile Jota would need to help us out.”
B. H, Houston, Texas

“What really made our stay a treat was Jota and Cecelia. You are lucky to have two employees as great as they are! Jota was always happy to help us with any of our needs and always kept us laughing with his great sense of humor. Jota went out of his way to make sure that we were comfortable and that all details of our stay were taken care of for us. Cecelia worked hard to make sure that we felt right at home. The house was spotless and our clothes were washed everyday. We woke up every morning to freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh fruit smoothies, and great coffee. Cecelia’s cooking was the best I have had in all of Costa Rica. Thanks to Cecelia, I now know how to make Empanadas and dance to Cumbia.”
L. B. Santa Rosa, California

“I wanted let you know what a great job Cecilia and Jota did while we were there. They are very dedicated employees, and helped us with anything that we needed during our stay. I think my husband is ready to divorce me and marry Cecilia for her cooking.”
E. C. Philadelphia, PA